Yoga Therapy in Denver, CO

Lisa Yaeger, LPC
2 min readApr 6, 2023

Are you frustrated with never quite resolving the problems you’ve been struggling with for a long time? Do you wish you could change some of your habits and beliefs?

Having been a licensed counselor for over 20 years, I naturally believed that talking about problems was the way to make change happen. I signed up to learn Yoga Therapy thinking that it would be a nice way to combine talk therapy with some calming techniques. And it is! But it’s so much more!

I started my training in Yoga Therapy (the Amrit Method of Body Psychology) with a heavy heart and fear that I was soon going to have to make some big life changes. I did not want to “blow up my life,” but I was afraid I might have to.

So, I had my issue in mind. I didn’t tell anyone.

My Yoga Therapist, a fellow student, took me through a Yoga Therapy session. (These yoga poses require only beginning yoga skills.) In the end, it was very relaxing. And my big scary issue was “all better!” I was amazed! I loved that I didn’t have to talk for hours about this problem to solve it.

And this was Yoga Therapy with a student therapist! I can promise you even better than that because now I am a trained yoga therapist.

For your Yoga Therapy session I will weave my counseling skills, yoga, meditation, psychology and body awareness together to help you overcome the things that hold you back from living a life that you totally love.

In our Yoga Therapy session, you will start with an issue — a mental, emotional or physical problem where you are stuck. You will have the option to share the details with me, or not.

  • Anusara Elements Yoga Certified
  • Amrit Method Yoga Therapy

What could your life be, if you could take steps to overcome anxiety, trauma, and stress?

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