Anxiety In A World Full Of Viruses

As I write today, the news is full of reports about the coronavirus. Social media posts and emails urging caution, or calming fears, are arriving at alarming rates. Even the calmest among us are getting concerned.

But if you suffer from anxiety, especially around germs, medical symptoms or physical changes in your body, you may be spiraling into a panic.

Are you worrying all day and checking the news for new articles about COVID-19 symptoms?

Do you wake up at night wondering if the virus spreading to your state? To your city? To your kids.

Is this triggering your traumas or losses from the other terrible events in your life?

Take a breath.

Of course you are worrying. Your human brain is always watching for danger. That’s the way it works. New threats are particularly riveting. If you are already struggling with anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD or Depression the news of novel viruses and uncertain public response can be too much!

Your worry is understandable. Let’s look at how to calm that down, so you can still live your life with less anxiety.

  • Find a trusted source of information. One source. At most, two. Don’t watch the news all day! Don’t let the notifications constantly ping on your phone. Each time you’re distracted by a development, you’re feeding your anxiety. You are not keeping yourself or your family safer. Consider checking the Center for Disease Control website every few days. It’s well written and well informed.

In my Denver anxiety treatment practice, and through online sessions, I support people struggling with anxiety and stress. I can help you:

  • Feel less alone.

Call now for an appointment to overcome anxiety in Denver or to discuss working through video conference from anywhere in Colorado.



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